Kitting yourself out as a Knight Templar for the gym

A little break from the history of the Knights Templar and things medieval to look at who is selling the coolest Knights Templar memorabilia online.  I’m not selling any by the way.  But I couldn’t help noticing these guys had some T-shirts that would certainly turn heads in the street.  A very stirring design to wear down the gym with a grim faced knight.   You can also have a hooded top – very Templar!

Templar Shoppe has a selection of Templar prints, postcards and T-shirts – obviously spelt ‘shoppe’ as that was how it was spelt in ye olden days, don’t you know.   Meanwhile in the Templar citadel of Tomar in Portugal comes this offer of Templar T-shirts designed by a guy from Sheffield UK the website helpfully informs you.  Cafe Press does a rather tasteful Polo shirt with the Templar emblem discreetly displayed on the chest.

Weapons were obviously important to the Templars and on the proviso that you are not going to use these or try and take them through customs – here is a site with everything you need on that front.

 If you feel you  need a medieval aristocratic title to go with your T-shirt or hoodie – like you’d fancy being a baron of something – then look no further than this site  You could find yourself being Baron of Upton or Baron of Cainhoe in no time.  Just don’t turn up at the House of Lords expecting to find a seat waiting for you – hereditary peers are no long welcome there.  And unless the Prime Minister has made you a life peer, you’ll just have to enjoy your new title some place else.

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