AOTK – New Templar organisation and the Breivik connection

The far-right are at it again – associating the Knights Templar with their lunatic and prejudiced views.  Here we go with a body called the AOTK (Association of Templar Knights).  Whatever you do – don’t go joining this thinking it’s an organisation interested solely in medieval history.  It’s a bit more than that.

The AOTK was founded by a former English Defence League member Paul Ray who has just been interviewed by Al Jazeera about his former connections and you can read that interview here

Ray posts as ‘Lionheart’ and Al Jazeera asked him if he was the inspiration that Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, cited in his manifesto.   Ray, who also goes by the name Paul Sonato, lives in Malta and vehemently denies that he in any way inspired Breivik.   However, his views on Islam and those of the AOTK are clearly in tune with those on the far right and you can see evidence of that here:

I strong recommend you read the Al Jazeera article in detail and check out the relevant video links.  This is not an organisation that anybody interested in the Knights Templar should have anything to do with.   And I strongly recommend that unless you are a neo-Nazi or harbour far right views, you regard the AOTK as yet another front organisation for assorted neo-fascist idiots.

One thought on “AOTK – New Templar organisation and the Breivik connection

  1. Paul did not found the AOTK I did and I made him Sgt. at Arms when I did. When I retired from the Order I made him GM, please get your facts right. Also the AOTK was founded for the purpose of research of the Templars and other warrior/monk groups.

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