Eleven days to go – Quest for the True Cross is published…!!!

My poor fingers are going through the manuscript one last time – and very soon, two years of hard labour will be delivered up for your critical inspection….and hopefully for your enjoyment.

I must thank expert copy editor Richenda Todd for her assistance – she works with some of the best authors of historical fiction – and various museums that helped me with my research.

The story is compelling and I hope you warm to my main character – a troubled Templar knight, Sir William de Mandeville, accompanied by his Syrian turcopole, Pathros. Their adventure takes them from Jerusalem to medieval London and then to fight against the Moors in Al-Andalus. How have I packed all of that in to 95,000 words? Well, you need to buy the book and find out.

I will be making extra chapters available to you through the blog and the soon to be launched website. This will be material that was not included in the book. The reason was to keep the main story pacey and dramatic. But I think you may want to read this additional stuff to get the full picture.

So keep your eyes peeled here for the chapters that didn’t make it in to the book but which I think are still rather good.


3 thoughts on “Eleven days to go – Quest for the True Cross is published…!!!

  1. Very nice, I wish I could do what you do, really. All the best with the book and thanks for sharing the rest of the chapters too!

  2. This sounds like a truly intriguing novel, Tony. Congratulations on getting it into print!

    • Thank you sir. Bertelsman/Euromedia will be publishing in continental Europe but you can buy it from 14th May on Amazon for your Kindle (at a very reasonable price!!)

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