Anders Breivik sent to prison for minimum of 21 years


Breivik_GP4 (Photo credit: Uppdragsmedia)

Anders Breivik – the mass murderer who claimed to be a Knight Templar – has been sentenced today by a Norwegian court to 21 years in prison for the massacre of 77 people in Oslo and the island of Utoya last July. This slaying was inspired by his warped views on multi-culturalism and Islam, which he posted online in the form of a rambling manifesto that invoked the Knights Templar. As I’ve argued vociferously here before – and been quoted on the Huffington Post – Breivik was no Knight Templar. Frankly, how dare he sully the name of this medieval order with his psychotic one-man acts.

For American readers, what Breivik did was on the same level as the Oklahoma bombing – it was cold calculated and resulted in the deaths of innocent young people. When he went to Utoya, it was to shoot up a summer camp for teenagers who were members of the Norwegian Labour Party‘s youth movement. I’m afraid to say that in my experience, Breivik is not the only person on the far right who claims the Templar mantle – I’ve come cross others – but hopefully he’s the only one who would resort to such barbarism.

3 thoughts on “Anders Breivik sent to prison for minimum of 21 years

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  2. What is really surprising to me is that he didn’t get life imprisonment. I would think that, for the sake of safety, he’d be locked up forever with no chance of seeing the light of day–ever.

    • Hi – it does seem unusual, especially when you think it works out at just over three months for each of his 77 victims. However, I’m told that in Norway, sentences for people like him are just extended for five year periods at a time and frankly, I’d be amazed if he ever tasted freedom again. For American visitors to this blog, I’m sure it seems unacceptable that he didn’t receive the death penalty. But the trouble with these psychopaths, it’s often the martyrdom they seek. Best thing is for us all is to leave him to rot without the oxygen of any further publicity and rebuild. Tony

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