English Defence League and the Knights Templar

Not quite sure how the right wing EDL decided that the Knights Templar would have been members of their party – were they to be around these days.   But that hasn’t stopped EDL members brandishing the distinctive cross of the Templars at their demonstrations – normally against muslims – and presumably claiming some kind of kinship.  Let me try and work out the logic for this and the arguments against.

The EDL think the Knights Templar would have been on the political far right I assume because:

– they fought muslims (ie Saracens and Moors)

– they were Christians

– they were hard men

I honestly can’t think of any other reasons.  And against that:

– they admitted ‘Turcopole’ easterners in to their ranks, though they could not become full knights

– they did fight Islam but also strove to understand it to defeat it, so much so they had Saracen secretaries

– they were an international Order, not just English

– allegedly gay rituals (don’t think the EDL would like that somehow)

Warriors, monks and bankers – weren’t the Templars a million miles away from the simpler and more impressionable souls who join the English Defence League?   The knights were also drawn from the upper echelons of society which can not be said for the EDL.