What is the Pentagram symbol doing in Templar churches?

I’ve seen it with my own eyes so it’s true!


Does each point of the Pentagram represent the five wounds of Christ?

Templar churches sometimes have pentagrams.  Now, I’ve read one theory that the Catholic church with its numerological obsessions – 3, 5, 7, 12, 13 – has a perfectly good explanation relating, I think, to the wounds of Christ.

And it just may be that we only associate the pentagram with black magic because of Dennis Wheatley novels and Hammer Horror films.

But when you see a big pentagram carved above a church door, as I have, it does make you wonder if it’s a bit of a pagan hangover.

And if it is – what does it mean and why did the Templars use that symbol on their buildings?

I should point out that I’ve also seen the pentagram over the door of a Franciscan church built in the 1400s so the Templars don’t have the complete monopoly.  If anybody has any theories – I’m very, very curious.

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