Did Islamic militants inspire the Templars?

Praying and training to be warriors in communities called Ribats, a certain class of muslim warrior could have been an influence on the founders of the Knights Templar.  Unless somebody wants to dispute this and please feel free.  But it’s certainly tempting to believe that knights who found themselves exposed to the influences of the Islamic world, adopted some of their practices.  They saw Ribat warriors effectively combining prayer with fighting and thought, hey – we’ll have some of that.


One thought on “Did Islamic militants inspire the Templars?

  1. Hello, as you said everything.we Muslims, believe in Jesus Christ . As a holy person. And we must believe in him (written in Koran and known in Islam as “Hazrat Isha”. He told everyone to believe in God. Prophet Muhammad also told to believe in God (known as Allah in Islam). Jesus was born in 001. Muhammad was born in 570. A total 569 years difference. Both told to believe in God. Believe in Allah. But Jesus was attempted to kill. Muhammad was also attemted to kill. Because people didn’t “Believed” in them. They thought that like a joke!!!..but Muhammad didn’t gave up. He fought for Islam and for peace. The meaning of Islam is peace..PEACE…in Koran, there is said , “everyone’s religion is their own. We will not interfere in it if they don’t believe in Allah. Written in “Sura Kaffirun”….and Muslims wasn’t meant to interfere in other’s religion. But some understood that wrong!!!…..Islam wanted that world a better place for living 1400 years ago. But some Muslim thinks that Islam means fighting!!.. Islam means terror…..as Jesus wanted peace. Prophet Muhammad also wanted peace. But others wanted to kill. So He had to wield A Sword for peace and for a better place. Prophet Muhammad was sent for the Arabians who fought, loot, terrored in the Middle East. For making better. Both of their meaning was same but somethings were different .

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