Continuity and change, but where’s the conflict?

Another academic study which strives to remove the element of conflict from history.  Here goes – So the English language of the Anglo-Saxons survived beyond the Norman Conquest and that…er…proves that there was peace and love between conquerors and conquered.  We’ve just gone through decades of historians arguing that the end of the Roman Empire was a tea party where Romans politely ceded power to the barbarians and then melded in to them….even though there’s plenty of contemporary writing which suggests otherwise.  And now the academics are trying the same trick for the Middle Ages.  It was all idyllic, invaders were terribly reasonable…it was a glorious multicultural paradise where all views were accepted.  Well, I’m not buying it.  In history, shit happens.  And plenty of it happened in the Middle Ages.  The Normans were an occupying power and look at how they rampaged their way across southern Italy and Sicily if you need further evidence.

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