Women have more rights than men under Islam

In Islamic societies, it is men that are oppressed and not women.  Well, you may not agree and I had to gulp in amazement but this is the argument in this blog: http://khelbawy.com/rights-of-muslim-women-are-greater-than-men_18

It goes through a list of protections afforded to women under Islamic law and teachings and repeats the often heard argument that even though women are “told” to wear the veil (by who the author doesn’t say), this liberates them from…presumably being molested.  The assumption being that unless women are veiled, we’re all going to leap on them.

The veiling of women, ironically, may not have originated in Islamic societies but in the Greek world – at the time of Mohammed, it would have been a sartorial influence transmitted through Byzantium – or the eastern Roman empire more correctly.

This article says it is forbidden for men to hit women – except of course with adultery.  And then, the article states, only below the face and leaving no bruises.  That’s alright then.  It fails to point out women are often accused of adultery after they have failed to substantiate a rape charge due to an insufficient number of male witnesses to the crime.

The woman, the article says, looks after the home as a ‘loyal wife’.  Bang goes any hopes of working in the outside world then.

The author concludes that it is often ‘humorously’ said that woman have more rights than men in Islamic societies.  Who exactly makes these humorous remarks I can’t imagine.  Not the women unless they’re being heavily sarcastic – as well as heavily veiled.


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