Knights Templar to bail out UK government

OK, hold your breath for this one – it’s been reported in several British newspapers that Baron James of Blackheath, a Conservative peer, claims to have been approached by a secretive organization interested in bailing out the UK government.   He calls it Foundation X and says he’s been in talks with them for years over their huge reserves of gold bullion.

James is a prominent Conservative peer and once wrote a review of government spending.  He’s also been a high profile donor to the Conservatives.  Now he claims to have introduced executives of Foundation X to Lord Strathclyde though apparently the meeting went badly – not least because Strathclyde said that the amount of bullion they claimed to hold was more than had ever been mined in the history of the world.

Bonkers stuff?  Well, the baron is adamant that he’s not a “maverick, ageing, old codger peer” and that Foundation X is very real.   Already, there has been speculation in the blogosphere that Foundation X is in fact the Knights Templar – after all, who else would have such large stocks of gold bullion?

Lord James insists that the shadowy organization wants nothing in return for its generosity.


2 thoughts on “Knights Templar to bail out UK government

  1. How is the world a better place? The Masons are in charge of the US and the worst atrocities in the World are being perpetrated by the US right now. What are you doing to stop the war and bring back balance and peace? We are contaminating our planet at am alarming rate and life is suffering. The world is becoming a police state instead of inspiring individuals to be autonomous responsible adults that teach their children how to take care of themselves and the World. Something has gone wrong somewhere – what is the real problem and what can we do to turn this around?
    With peace and light,

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