Night of the Templar – the missing movie

It looks hilarious with an angry Templar knight resurrected and off to take vengeance against the church in the twenty first century.  Gregoire is the name of the aggrieved knight who is lured in to a trap back in the Middle Ages and killed – though with his dying breath says he’ll be back to do a bit of slaying from the grave.  It seems Gregroire was betrayed by some Judas of a knight called Renault, yep like the car.  Other silly names include Menas and Melkon and a steward called Koko (not a clown apparently).

Renault would enjoy “ten lifetimes of excess” before Gregoire would return to drag his soul to hell. And so it comes to pass that a descendant or reincarnated Renault (who knows, I don’t), organises an orgy at a secluded mansion house – cue thunder and rain.  The guests at this orgy include an “alluring and promiscuous Eastern European” and the bit I had to laugh at, a character called Japoniko, who is described as an “uninvited and mysterious Asian minimalist” (sic – WTF?).

The director, writer and main star of the film is a chap called Paul Sampson whose IMDb database entry notes that he ran a “40 yard dash at college” in 4.65 seconds.  Another star of this movie is the late David Carradine – of Kung Fu fame in the 1970s – who plays “a shopkeeper”.

Anyway – this movie was to appear in September this year then November and as I do have a soft spot for complete horror shlock, I wondered when it might see the light of day.  It is a shame that cinemas don’t show B-movies anymore because this sounds like an idea one.  I’d crunch on my popcorn through this guff.

Any inside information gratefully appreciated.

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