Assassin’s Creed – why Templars should approve

They went to the locations in the game, took notes on what the buildings in Rome, Jerusalem and Florence looked like at the time, researched the costumes and armour – then applied some video game poetic licence.  I approve.

As today’s Guardian newspaper notes – the makers of Assassin’s Creed aren’t just hanging the action on some mythological nonsense or World War II (yawn), they’ve integrated some real history though taken some mighty big liberties of course:

Yeah, the Templars are mixed in with the Renaissance – centuries apart of course – but if it fires a kid up to be engaged with history, is that a bad thing?  Provided of course, they follow up with a bit of real study.  That’s my only worry.  As schools dump history from the curriculum (why, why, why???), the necessary factual back up isn’t there from teachers.

Please God these kids don’t go through life thinking Leonardo Da Vinci was a Templar knight….in which case I’ll have to take back everything I’ve just written.


2 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed – why Templars should approve

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    1. The site is called Knights Templar Forum – tell me if you have difficulty finding it. The book will be out next year or early 2012 – I’m afraid the publishing industry moves at a snail’s pace.

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