How will Anti-Christ react to Christ’s arrival?

Anti-Christ part two (see my previous blog post)

So, we established that in the Middle Ages – the Templars and many others believed in the stories of Anti-Christ, though these varied and his physical appearance ranges from looking a lot like Jesus to being a hairy oblong creature with iron teeth.

What most stories agreed on was that Anti-Christ would rule mankind but be toppled by Christ who would slay him.  First question then is – how would Anti-Christ react when he first saw Jesus appear to take back his kingdom.  One medieval chronicler was pretty blunt about it – try and work out the old English meaning:

For crist com sal be sa bright / That thoru that mikel lorde light / Him sal of stand so mikel awe / That all the filthes of his maugh / Sal breste out atte his fondament / For drede of crist he sal be shent / Sua sal he peris al be-shetin / Bath with drede and soru beten

Bathed with the dread of his own sh*t – basically.  You have to remember that the medieval mind was pretty direct about bodily functions and so it wouldn’t have come as a huge surprise for a Christian to be told that when Christ comes, Anti-Christ’s bowels will loosen.

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