The Knights Templar in America – part three

Right – last but not least, let’s get to the Founding Fathers and the Freemasons.

So, the Templars are descended from the high priests of Jerusalem scattered by the Romans after the Jewish revolt.  They sought the return of their land and formed the Templar Order.  They were suppressed by the church as heretics.  A group of them led by Earl Henry Sinclair journeyed to America.  They assimilated in to the native America population.

Somehow – in spite of assimilation in to the native population – these Templars transmited their secret knowledge to what would become the Freemasons.  They in turn were central to the American Revolution, so the theory goes.  And George Washington was basically a Templar influenced Freemason.  QED – the Templars founded the United States.

Now a theory like this needs some extra spice so needless to say that our intrepid Templars also brought the jealously guarded Holy Grail with them to the Americas.   Where is it now? The state of Illinois of course!  A cave by the Little Wabash river was the location of the discovery of some ‘ancient Egyptian’ artefacts and of course – leaping from a tenuous premise to a dubious conclusion – this shows the Holy Grail found its way to that state of the union.

I should mention that proponents of this theory – and they are legion – also think the Egyptians and Romans got to the Americas.  The former might conceivably have attempted such a journey but the latter hated seafaring and Roman troops mutinied at the prospect of crossing the English Channel – do we really think they got to the Americas?  Roman ships hugged the shore – they were certainly not up for departing in to the big blue unknown – tell me otherwise.

If you hunt round the blogosphere, you’ll also find that today’s Wall Street bankers are descendants of the monk-cum-warrior-cum-banker Templars and the credit crunch can be laid firmly at the door of the Order.   Presumably Lehman Brothers literally were brothers of the monastic kind if this theory is to be given any credit.


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