The Knights Templar in America – part two

Henry Sinclair was Earl of Orkney and Baron of Rosslyn (yes, that Rosslyn – as featured in the Da Vinci Code) in the middle of the fourteenth century after the Templars had been suppressed and their properties seized.  The northernmost parts of Scotland had been ruled by Viking overlords and even today, Scandanavian names are common up there.  Sinclair’s position as Earl of Orkney seems to have been approved by King Haakon VI of Norway against, I’m assuming, a rival claim from the king of Scotland.

So – how does Henry Sinclair end up in New England?  Well, the “evidence” is from a map found in the attic of the Zeno family in Venice over two hundred years later in 1558.  Nicolo Zeno just happened to be rummaging around and came across this map of the New World drawn in 1400.  It proved that his ancestors had got to the New World led by a prince called Zichmni – later identified to be Earl Henry Sinclair (because…er…Sinclair and Zichmni are such similar sounding names….not!).

OK – let’s just demolish this quickly.  Zeno and the whole of Venice would have been seething that a Genoan like Columbus had got to the New World first.  Genoa, the rival city to Venice as a major port.  Maps of the New World would have already been in circulation and easy to copy.  Imagine the frustration of Venice to see those previously unfortunate Atlantic facing kingdoms like Portugal and Castile with no empires now carving out huge chunks of the New World….enough to make a Venetian weep.  So – the only solution would be to lay prior claim to the Americas through some duff nonsense about a journey a hundred years before.

I’m quite sure the Spanish paid Zeno and his map no attention whatsoever.  But Templar conspiracy theorists have.  And it’s seen as rock solid evidence that the Templar Sinclair got to the Americas way before Columbus.

The Sinclairs, disenfranchised priests of the Temple of Jerusalem and banished Templars, follow the old Viking route (which somehow they know about) down Nova Scotia and in to New England.  One of the knights with Sinclair dies and a carving called the ‘Westford Knight’ shows he was buried in America.  This Templar band then builds a church – which we now call the Newport Tower (see my blog showing that this is a seventeenth century windmill).

So when Columbus gets to America – why isn’t he confronted by a load of Templars?  Well, Sinclair and his merry band had assimilated in to the native American population by then.  And it seems you can identify Templar ritual in the local religion.

OK, that’s enough for now – and I haven’t even got round to the Holy Grail yet!


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