Knights Templar as anti-Nazis

Well, if Tarzan and Donald Duck could fight the Nazis in the 1940s – then why not the Knights Templar?

Here’s a conspiracy theory I’ve found that will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise a fraction.  Hold on to your seats – here goes.   Faction One is the New World Order.  Good so far.  Faction Two is made of German and Austrian military top brass who tried to assassinate Hitler then fled when it all went wrong.

Faction Two appears to have a large Hapsburg contingent in it – the old Austrian royal family.  According to this theory, they blamed the dark forces behind Hitler for the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire earlier in the century.  These dark forces are bankers and industrialists needless to say – though I’m not quite sure why they would have wanted to bring down the Hapsburg Empire but hey ho….let’s keep going.

Faction One, if I’ve understood things correctly, ran the occult Society of Thule that controlled Hitler like a puppet.  They had run similar occult societies throughout history and through them run every empire you can mention from Rome to Egypt.  Though presumably they ran in to difficulties with the Hapsburgs because they destroyed them.

Well, it seems these Hapsburgs were members of another secret society hostile to these dark forces and have also been fighting against them for a very long time.  And guess what – the Templars are on the good side.  They are part of Faction Two – or forerunners of it.   So the Faction Two/Hapsburgs/Templars guys who failed to kill Hitler, fleed to the United States – where it turns out there are Faction One and Faction Two people over there as well.

The evil Faction One is the ‘Eastcoast Elite Establishment’ – sounds like a biker gang or a rap group.  Anyway, they are all wicked Wall Street types (I do find a whiff of anti-semitism in all this which is odd because Hitler is placed on the side of the bankers including the Rothschilds!).  Faction Two in the United States includes good upstanding military types who hate sniveling bankers and the State Department – who resettled the fleeing Hapsburgs in California.  Not surprising as even the Faction Two people in the US have Hapsburg blood (I’d like to see the evidence for that).

I got dizzy trying to work out who in the US is now part of Faction One and Faction Two.  For example, the original secret services were set up by Faction Two after WWII but then usurped by Faction One when it became the CIA.

Final note on the Templars in all of this – it seems that when the Temple was supressed, the members did not flee to Scotland, Switzerland or wherever.  No, they went to Austria.  They “infiltrated” the Austrian bloodline – I think that means they bonked the royal womenfolk in which case they would no longer be Templars – and created the Hapsburg empire.  A force for good (unless you were Serbian, Croatian, Italian and several other nationalities who didn’t enjoy Austrian rule that much).

One more thing to note with this theory – the British Royal Family is in Faction One.  Another good reason not to attend the marriage of Kate and Wills as if I needed one.


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