Another Templar conspiracy theory is born…

King Philip of France’s raiding of Templar bullion as an example of why governments are wicked and out to get us:

As with many such ‘theories’, it throws the historical kitchen sink at you to make its point.  So in a breathless textual onslaught, the author gives us a breakneck tour of European and American history cramming facts in to his grand theory.  I’d venture to say that most of these facts are pretty unrelated and he jumps around like a grasshopper from the Templars to Obama then on to the iconoclast controversy in Byzantium.

There’s the usual sweeping statements such as all trade died out in the Dark Ages blocked off by the Arabs to the south and the Vikings to the north.  Modern historical research doesn’t back that up.  The film Braveheart is misspelt as ‘Brave Heart’ – OK, that’s minor – and Edward I’s nickname ‘Longshanks’ becomes ‘Longahanks’ (maybe a typo).  Britain did not become part of France after 1066 but part of Normandy – there is a difference.

The persecution of the Templars by Philip the Fair is rightly attributed to his greed though I’m not sure the comparison to the “US Justice System” has much relevance.

His support for Obama’s healthcare reforms is commendable.  That bit I liked.  But then I’m a wicked European who has benefited from public health provision all my life.

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