London Beefeater loses the plot – or not

Knights Templar in London would have known and seen the Tower of London – a fortress built by the Normans in the 11th century after they had invaded England. It’s still there today but now surrounded by skyscrapers and modern traffic.

The magnificent Tower of London

I work not far from the magnificent Tower of London – where the keep, built in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror, seems a lot smaller against the increasing number of skyscrapers but still holds its own.

This Beefeater, in the YouTube link below, is displaying typical British Army humor but if you are sensitive to criticism, look away now.  He’s rather rude about the French and Italians.

But otherwise, a good description of the Tower and some of the stories – true and false – that have circulated around it.

With regards to the Templars, they would have known the Tower of London well.  A Templar riding through the City walls (which were demolished about 250 years ago) would have seen three castles built to watch over the London mob.  The Tower, which was actually built as a heavily fortified royal palace, Baynards Castle and Montfichet Castle.

The Templar preceptory was located on the other side of the old city of London near the River Fleet, which is now located in a Victorian sewer under Blackfriars Road.

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