A Knight who challenges Death himself

A tale of two Swedish knights now.  If you know any Swedes – and I do – they do enjoy a gloomy, thoughtful movie with a dark, apocalyptic flavour. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo should have convinced you of that.

You will all, I hope, have seen Arn – the Swedish film about the Templar knight.  I enclose a link at the end of this post in case you haven’t.  But many younger Templar fans may never have seen The Seventh Seal – an older Swedish movie directed by Ingmar Bergman and much beloved by Woody Allen, of all people.

The Seventh Seal is the story of a knight, Antonius Block, returning from the Holy Land who has lost his faith in God.  I won’t spoil the plot but it’s worth seeing.  Great visuals and needless to say, the knight meets Death himself by a windswept sea.  He challenges Death to a game of chess to allow him more time to do “one more meaningful thing”

This is the trailer for The Seventh Seal and I recommend:

If you  haven’t seen Arn The Knight Templar – shame on you – here’s the trailer and get hold of it ASAP.


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