The Templars – the sort of people you’d want to find on a modern campsite


Templars – well behaved on medieval campsites!

It may be unglamorous but it’s true.  Knights on crusade often resembled a campsite.

The Rule of the Order of the Knights Templar goes in to painstaking detail as to how Templar knights must be the neatest campers – setting an example to those boorish secular knights, who probably left a right mess behind.

…the brothers should not saddle up, nor load the baggage, nor mount, nor move from their places unless the Marshal has the order called or commands it; but tent pegs, empty flasks, the camping axe, the camping rope and fishing net may be put on the horses before the order to load the baggage is given.

Brothers were then told to look over the campsite and make sure they had taken absolutely everything. “…they they should mount and go quietly with their troop, at a walk or amble, their squires behind them, and position themselves in the line of march.”

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