Templars, fascists and the Holy Land

Here’s something to mull over.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Hitler courted the muslim Grand Mufti or Jerusalem as a fellow anti-semite and scourge of Jews everywhere.  In the 2010s, Europe’s far right defends Israel against the forces of Islam.

The Grand Mufti – Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini – met Hitler, was reported to be friends with Eichmann and is believed to have paid a discreet visit to Auschwitz.  Hitler was photographed with al-Husseini who had a long record of fighting Jewish settlement in Palestine in the 1920s saying he would kill every one of them to ‘the last man’.  Clearly the Grand Mufti was an obvious chum for the Fuhrer.

But today’s little Fuhrers have fallen out of love with Islam.  And curiously, they now see Israel as the crusader state resisting the tidal wave of a threatening Islamic caliphate.  How times change!

So how do the Templars figure in all this?  As I said in a post just gone, they are now drafted in to the new world view as the caliphate resisters of old to be emulated by today’s black jacket, boot wearing hooligans of the skinhead far right.

The only common denominator in all of this is hatred.  It suited the far right to hate Jews in the 1930s and court muslim clerics.  But that doesn’t work anymore.  So – switch tactics.   Say you now support the Jewish homeland and it’s muslims who are the enemy.  Opportunistic?  Oh I should say so.


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