The First Templar versus Assassins Creed

Well, out there in Templar games land, the war is hotting up between those who say that Assassins Creed is unbeatable and that The First Templar is a crock versus those who say The First Templar is more historically accurate and the Assassins Creed is far away from the truth.

The Game Front website seems to be softening its initially hostile line towards The First Templar while Kotaku thinks the latter game is actually quite good.  But some messages left on the Game FAQs website are pretty hostile towards The First Templar.  A Bulgarian firm developed The First Templar and its view of the Middle Ages is undeniably bleak and desolate.  Here’s a quite balanced account of The First Templar from ZGR.

2 Comments on “The First Templar versus Assassins Creed

  1. the knights templar were noble people who belived in order in the catholic church the assassins creed assassins may be good in a sence but there history was all wrong. they both had the same goal world peace why didn’t they just work together just use different methods there view of the templars being bad tsk,tsk they were wrong

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