Your Day of Judgment has arrived – medieval style

In English medieval churches, it’s now almost impossible to imagine the walls as they once were – covered in lurid depictions of the Day of Judgment and hell fire for the sinful.  During the Protestant Reformation, church walls were whitewashed, the faces of saints in wood carving were hacked off and stain glass windows even smashed.  These were all seen by Protestants of a radical flavour as being idolatrous.

But in southern Europe, we can still see what the English would once have been treated to in church.  Here’s a cheerful sculpture that shows the virtuous very literally being pulled up to heaven while the bad are in flames below.  Note that some of those in the flames appear to be priests and bishops.

2 thoughts on “Your Day of Judgment has arrived – medieval style

  1. That is actually St. Michael the Archangel delivering souls from purgatory, not judgment day. That is why the souls in the flames are praying. Thanks for the pictures, really cool sculpture.

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