HQ of the United Grand Lodge of England

Not far from where I work in central London, a large building looms running along nearly an entire street.   This imposing edifice is Freemasons’ Hall – the HQ of the United Grand Lodge of England.  Built in the 1920s, its construction meant the loss of a row of eighteenth century houses but it’s certainly a fine art deco building, listed for protection by the government.  In the immediate vicinity, are two or three pubs where I’ve often seen Freemasons having a drink – you can spot them a mile off.  And there are several regalia shops selling all the gear you need to be a mason.  I thought I’d take a few snaps today and share them with you.  As you know, many Freemasons believe their order is the continuation of the Knights Templar.  I’ve touched on this claim before and will deal with it again in other posts – but in the meantime, enjoy a few views of Freemasons Hall.

HQ of the United Grand Lodge of England - in London
Pentagram etched in to the pavement in front of the main doors
Close up of the insignia and anniversary date of the Lodge founding
The significance of the dates next to the clock
Freemason regalia shop nearby



One thought on “HQ of the United Grand Lodge of England

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