The Ninth Gate – how to make your own devil’s book

Boris Balkan (Frank Langella) shows his 17th-c...

Boris Balkan (Frank Langella) shows his 17th-century copy of The Nine Gates to Dean Corso (Johnny Depp). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have never seen the Ninth Gate – Roman Polanski’s mystical thriller set in a world of antiquarian booksellers, then view it.   In a nutshell, a book called ‘The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows’ exists in three copies only.  Originally written in 1666 by Aristide Torchia and based on a work called the Delomelanicon, a heretical script possibly crafted by Satan’s own hand.  The three copies are held by characters in the movie called Victor Fargas, Boris Balkan and the shadowy Kessler Foundation.  Johnny Depp plays a bad boy of the book world called Dean Corso who is paid by Balkan to find the other copies.  It transpires there are differences between the three books – they are not completely identical – and it’s no pun (well it is actually) to say that the devil is in the detail.  Needless to say that the devil arrives in a very Polanski form….and I shall say no more.

The movie is based on a 1993 book called The Club Dumas and this website helps you to make your own copy of  The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows – provided you understand the diabolic risks involved.

Here is the trailer of the movie which will flesh out all of the above.   The video is disabled to play instantly – just click on the underlined sentence about watching on YouTube and you will be taken straight to it.

You can still see the movie in parts here but I suspect it may be taken down soon.

This video analyses the esoteric meaning of the Ninth Gate in the book mentioned above.

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