Monty Python star Terry Jones on the Middle Ages

Terry Jones Medieval Lives – a great insight in to medieval daily life.  If you did miss this series of BBC programmes about the Middle Ages then view them here.

Essentially, Terry Jones believes that the medieval era has been rather unfairly portrayed as one where everybody was caked in filth, illiterate and thoroughly violent and uncouth.  He has a point.  It’s really very silly to suggest that European history ground to a halt with the fall of the Roman Empire and only resumed a thousand years later with the Renaissance.  In reality, the Middle Ages were a very dynamic period with several phases of development.  In fact, it’s almost nonsensical to talk about the Middle Ages or ‘medieval’ but history needs its classifications.

The Templars belong to the High Middle Ages when in the 1100s and 1200s, Europe really experienced something of an economic boom – you can still see this in the amount of churches and other high status buildings constructed at this time.  The Black Death would change the dynamic massively but of course by then, the Templars had long gone.

If you can not upload any of these programmes, then order the DVD from BBC Worldwide.


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