Royston Cave – new Templar carving discovered

Royston Cave is a mysterious cave covered in medieval carvings.  It’s situated in Yorkshire, England and has been known about since the eighteenth century.   It was listed as historical monument in the 1960s.  The carvings have been reputed, by serious historians, to be Templar in origin and dating back to the thirteenth or fourteenth century.  They’re certainly unusual and in many cases, hard to decipher.

But in a new twist this week, carvings have been discovered not see for two hundred years if ever.   The local newspaper reports that these carvings on the floor of the cave may have been visible when it was found in 1742.  But they have not been seen since.

The cave has been undergoing conservation work as worms have been undermining the originally pristine carvings, the BBC reports.   The BBC article suggests that some of the images carved in to the rock walls could be of knights being burnt at the stake – the grisly fate of the Templar leaders in Paris.


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