9/11 and the Knights Templar

As we prepare to commemorate the horror of the attacks on the Twin Towers – which I went up in 2000, a year before they met their fate, there has already been the usual digging up of every hackneyed conspiracy theory you can name.   You’d find it hard to believe that anybody could implicate the Knights Templar in the events of recent years but the human imagination, particularly if it has an American radio show, can dream up marvelous nonsense.

Here is a blog about Rayelan Allan who has argued that the Templars are locked in battle with the global banks.  I’ve covered this hokum before but basically, there is evil “Faction One” made up of the Rothschilds (non-business people always think the Rothschilds run the banking world) and other bankers who are fighting Faction Two, descended from the Knights Templar (and the King of Bavaria – no, I don’t know why either!).   This blogger is taking on Allan from an equally curious point of view and I’ll leave you to read it.

Thank goodness there are people prepared to send up these conspiracy theories – at least I hope this is a spoof.  It claims that the Knights Templar are suing Al Qaeda for breach of copyright over a pen that hides a nuclear device.  Now that’s more like it.  A bit of fun as opposed to dreaming up fantasies about one of the most appalling terrorist acts of the last hundred years.


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