The Cursed Crusade – is it any good?

It’s been hard for a Knights Templar fan to avoid the adverts all over the London Underground this month promoting the new video game – The Cursed Crusade

A Templar knight from the 12th century must go on a crusade and it obviously involves a lot of slashing and hacking off of limbs.  Death is of course stalking our Templar hero, trying to claim his soul for the underworld and all that.  It sounds fun.  But reviews seem to have been a bit mixed.

Lines like “You’ll not take me this day, oh death!” did not impress The Irish Times reviewer.  Beefjack thinks the action is a bit too stilted and not flowing enough. But as the Electronic Theatre points out, it has some great features allowing for co-operative game play and from my point of view, anything that gets kids interested in history, has to be a bonus!

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