Caynton Caves – Templar magical site is closed down

Detail of Royston Cave, Royston, Hertfordshire

Detail of Royston Cave, Royston, Hertfordshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Near Wolverhampton in England is a network of mysterious caves which the media has described as having been carved out of the rock by ‘followers of the Knights Templar’ in the 17th century.  This would of course be three centuries after the Templars had been crushed but one can’t rule out adherents to the cause meeting for long afterwards.

The caves are certainly very odd looking and a little spooky.  As a result, they have become very popular for nocturnal Satanic rituals.  Unfortunately, not everybody thinks that is such a good thing.  When two warlocks turned up at a house nearby asking if they could have their cloaks back – they’d left them accidentally in the cave one night – the locals decided enough was enough.  Now the caves are locked.

But for how long?  Because previous attempts to keep the witches and warlocks away have not succeeded.  Even iron gates placed over the entrance have been ripped down.  So – we shall see!

On the wider point about the Templars and underground sites of worship – I have blogged before about Royston Cave – which does date back to the Templar period and is believed by some scholars to be a possible, real Templar site.  It’s full of very intriguing carvings that can be identified as saints.

Anyway – regarding the goings on at Caynton – you can read more in the Daily Mail and the local newspaper.

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