Laughing at the Middle Ages

RobinHoodMeninTights_PosterPlenty of comedians have found the medieval period an era that is both engaging but also very funny.  There are the terribly serious dramas but also movies and shows that have poked gentle fun at knights and damsels. The whole notion of chivalry and the stereotypes and myths of the Middle Ages seem to have given comedians endless material to play with.

Take for example the Killer Rabbit sketch in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Instead of a dragon that must be slain by a brave knight, it’s a fluffy bunny with a mean temperament.

When Braveheart first hit the cinemas, I was as bowled over as everybody else. l don’t think it’s worn well with the passage of time and changing views of Mel Gibson. The English, as in his American war of independence movie Patriot, are cartoonishly evil. So this satire was a welcome puncturing of that movie’s pomposity.




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