Jacques de Molay – last Grand Master of the Templars – burnt to death this day in the year 1314

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  1. Oh, I have 2 other blogs, “Deep Common Sense” and “One Creator to Another”. I have to keep oppositioner by itself, as it is the extreme blog.

  2. “Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!”

    Great site, look forward to spending time on your research.

    Interesting that the Vatican is releasing the material it is.

    Is it NEW material from Bruno’s trial?

    I believe the Chruch secretly(or openly) feels justified in the case of Bruno, I really do.

    They can easily make it seem like they gave him a chance, but he just wouldn’t say the right words, or repent the heresies he cultivated which they explicitly gave him chances to denounce.

    I intend on funding a translation of a few of Bruno’s non-english works into the English.

    Same for another bruno Super-Hero, Bruno Bauer, whose works have yet to make it into the english by and large. (only a few are.).

    I will wait a few years, and if I don’t achieve this in my lifetime, it will occur after I die, but by then, the value of their works might not matter as much.

    What Bruno Bauer has to say matters NOW.

    Anyway, nice to meet you!

    • The Vatican Secret Archive collection exhibition at the Capitoline Museum probably won’t display much that we haven’t known about already – even the Templar trial documents have been released in recent years and written about by historian Barbara Frale. However…who can fail to be interested in some of this material? As you point out – Bruno’s trial was a shocking piece of brutality by the church and should never be forgotten.

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