12.5–The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth is an exceptional book and the TV series last year was gripping – I have blogged about this before but worth repeating. Ken Follett is a master of story telling and around the attempt to build this church is woven a tale of intrigue and murder set in the so-called ‘Great Anarchy‘ that gripped England during the troubled reign of King Stephen. This king was forced to fight the daughter of the preceding king of England and Normandy, Henry I, and the civil war was only resolved when he agreed to let her son, Henry, become king after his death – even though Stephen had a son of his own.


As promised, a review on a bestseller. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is fantastic. It took me forever to read because it’s nearly a thousand pages long and I worked 12+ hour days all last week. What time I didn’t spend working I spent sleeping, so I did not accomplish much on the book. Still, I read every spare moment I had, including the ride to work and a little bit after shifts when I should have been sleeping (more).  It was fantastic, and I hated putting it down as much as I was forced to last week.

To give a synopsis is an incredibly difficult task, as the novel is long and covers almost the entire lifespan of the characters.  The entire plot is based around the construction of a magnificent cathedral at Kingsbridge Priory in England.  There is no end to the political intrigue and…

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4 thoughts on “12.5–The Pillars of the Earth

    1. I’m writing my third book at the moment – ‘Quest for the True Cross’ – a Templar epic! Two years of research and re-write slog and it’s out in a month. You can read about my other published books in my personal page here about myself. But yes, I’m a bit of a bookworm.

      1. Excellent. Congratulations. Send me the links and the dates and I will tweet/FB/Blog announce them – send people your way. I am in the process of publishing dozens of short stories (and later the compiled works book) of amazing travel stories, as well as my third book — all ePub. So I know the hurdles involved. And I am sure if they’re as interesting as what’s already here, I’d be happy to recommend them to my other circles.

        Good luck on the road!

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