My journey to Israel – the Wailing Wall

More accurately this should be called the Western Wall – all that remains of the incredible Temple complex built by King Herod and destroyed by the Romans – a place of fervent prayer for orthodox Jews as I saw with my own eyes.

The Temple Mount today includes the Al Aqsa mosque, which became the headquarters of the Knights Templar after 1118. They believed it to be the Temple of Solomon. Nearby, the Dome of the Rock was turned into a church after the Christian conquest of Jerusalem in 1099. It was called the Templum Domini.

One Comment on “My journey to Israel – the Wailing Wall

  1. I Bet you didn’t wear any Templar symbols or Regalia at the Wall. I wore my Mantle under my coat and it was Seen by someone and i was asked to Leave the Area by the Head Rabbi in Charge of the Wall Plaza himself with two Israeli Soldiers . The older Rabbi’s still believe we are a viable threat to them.

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