Secret Templar tunnel at Acre in Israel

Acre – now called Akko in Hebrew – is an amazing crusader stronghold (both Templar and Knights Hospitaller) that in spite of wars and ravages by Saracens, Ottomans, Napoleon, etc…has still retained some impressive ruins. But to add to your excitement – this humble blogger went to see the latest excavations underneath the fort where an underground network of huge halls built by the Hospitallers is being cleared of centuries of debris and what has emerged is beyond belief. You’ll only just gotten over the high ceilings of the gothic halls when you enter a door and there is a long Templar tunnel – nobody knows yet what it was for…but it’s there alright.

So here are some photos AND a little (very badly shot by myself) movie of the Templar tunnel. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Secret Templar tunnel at Acre in Israel

    1. I know – sorry! Don’t think my camera (which is new) could cope with the lighting conditions – I need to adapt the settings. I was also trying to film quickly before a tour party arrived behind me. So…I’m afraid I failed on that occasion. Find it in your heart to forgive this humble blogger.

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