Anatomy of a Knight

I’ve blogged before on the armour worn by a Knight Templar but here’s a good summary of what a medieval knight would have worn – nice and straightforward!

One Girl's Travels Through History

Let’s pick apart a knight’s armor!

From head to toe there is:

The helmet (not shown in picture) – a round metal piece that fit to the head with a bar extending over the nose

The coif – a hood of chainmail (interconnected rings) that was worn beneath the helmet

The ventail -an added piece of mail that protected a knight’s chin and throat (can be worn as seen in the picture or completely covering the lower half of the face)

The hauberk – a long tunic of chainmail

The surcote/surcoat – a long, sleeveless, loose-fitting tunic worn over the hauberk that is often decorated (possibly with distinctive coat of arms)

The chausses – chainmail that covered the knight’s lower body (below the waist, legs, and feet)

The shield – short and triangular (material depended on wealth of knight: wood, metal) and usually bore the personal emblem of the warrior…

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