Day 25 (Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi (Gates of Hell), Golan Heights, Mount Hermon)

I was really close to this two weeks ago when I visited the Golan Heights but was unable to visit – how frustrating for me! But great to read your blog and many thanks for these great pictures.

The Adventures of a Wanderer

Today we did many things. First we went to Tel Dan. The most important thing we saw at Tel Dan was a gate that is dated back to the 18th Century. It is one of the oldest things we have seen. There is a high probability that Abraham actually passed through this gate.

This is a picture of the Gate I am discussing. This gate is basically made out of mud and straw. The fact that it is still standing today is ridiculous. Nearly 3000 years old, this gate has seen more history than most other buildings. For me this was incredible. To be able to see something so old that has stood witness to so much history is remarkable. However I am very skeptical of the claims placed on the gate itself.

Out next stop was Caesarea Philippi. It was here that Jesus asked his disciples the famous question…

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