Crosses carved by Templars and crusaders

Down in the crypt of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem – the church built over the site of Christ’s crucifixion – there are crosses carved high up on one of the pillars. Here is my photo of them.


6 thoughts on “Crosses carved by Templars and crusaders

    1. Hi – I was told by a guide but….I’m happy to be corrected. The Templars were involved with the Holy Sepulchre church in the crusader era and the positioning of the crosses – and their size – suggested that ordinary pilgrims had not scrawled them as they wandered round…and you do see lots of little crosses carved at ground level. But, as with all these things, I realise it’s open to interpretation and I’m happy to hear an alternative view. Keep reading – and commenting! Tony

    1. Hi – some of the crosses are from pilgrims but others from crusaders/Templars from the time the church was built in the twelfth century. The pilgrims’ crosses – I was told – tend to be at ground level where they could easily have carved them right up to modern times. But the ones higher up are bigger and, shall we say, more Templar shaped. In the dim light of the crypt, they were very evocative – quite beautiful. Tony

  1. Reblogged this on hermetic order for humans and commented:
    This photo of crosses carved in Jerusalem comes from Tony’s blog. Tony is a historian of the Knights Templar, who is soon to publish what looks to be a splendid novel.
    If the Knights Templar are initiates, as legend has it, what is the significance of the cross, beyond its Christian symbolism?

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