Skeleton of a Cistercian abbot discovered in England

portrait photo of a white skeleton in front of gray background

Archaeologists have just discovered the skeleton of a Cistercian abbot from the Middle Ages!

The Templars have been described as the military wing of the Cistercians – they were after all mentored and guided in the early years by that greatest of Cistercians – Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux.  Now, in north west England, the body of another Cistercian abbot has been discovered accompanied by a beautiful gold crozier.

He seems to have died in his 40s, not been in the best of health and had diabetes. The abbey at Furness was one of the richest in England during the Templar era and, like many monasteries, was shut down by Henry VIII in the sixteenth century. The remains of the abbey would later inspire the poet Wordsworth and the painter, Turner.

This is a report from Channel 4 news in the United Kingdom and I recommend you watch!

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