Bethlehem – my visit and my photos!

Going to the West Bank from Israel was quite an experience as you have to go through the high wall separating the two. Strange that in Europe we used to have a wall like this…the Berlin Wall…and it would seem strange to see such a construction again. But you get an idea of what it must have been like when you see this.

Bethlehem is, I must say, a slightly depressed town – economically speaking. You can just feel it. I spoke to a gift shop owner who had lived in my home town of London and he said things were pretty grim – I even let him overcharge me for a gift after that!

But the trip was worth it – to see the Byzantine church of the Nativity which is very unspoilt and the fact it’s not scrubbed clean adds to its mystique and sense of authenticity. You go down in to the crypt and the spot where Jesus was born – in a cave, not a stable – was easy to access and though there were lots of people, you didn’t get jostled.

Here are my pictures of both the church and the wall…just down the road.



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