Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

I’ve been meaning to blog on Sir Walter Scott for a while. He hated the Templars – as did quite a few Victorian romantics. They were the all round bad guys, jolly evil and never to be trusted. Rather like the depiction in the movie – Kingdom of Heaven. But not in my forthcoming blockbuster novel – Quest for the True Cross.

She Reads Novels

Sir Walter Scott is one of those authors who I’ve always felt intimidated by, for some reason assuming I would find him difficult to read. And yet, I had a feeling I would probably enjoy his books if I could just get around to actually reading them. I had no idea which book would be the best to start with, but as Ivanhoe is probably his best known novel I decided to try that one first.

Ivanhoe is set in England towards the end of the 12th century, during the reign of Richard the Lionheart, who has been away fighting in the crusades, leaving behind his brother Prince John plotting and scheming in his absence. The title character, Wilfred of Ivanhoe, banished and disinherited by his father, has just returned to England and on his return he becomes swept up in a series of adventures involving feuding Saxon and Norman…

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