Figurines for table-top games and byzantine chess

Medieval board games – some were similar to games we still know today while others were quite different. Byzantine round chess looks like fun if totally confusing!


And now for something different – byzantine round chess and some figurines for other games like alquerque, nine men morris and fox and geese.

Playing table-top games was a favourite pasttime in the middle ages, when they didn’t have computers, or even widespread books. And no  reconstruction of the medieval life would be complete without a little something to past the time

Material : Clay. The boards for the games are made from plywood.

More photos:

The games are made by Vasil Vasilev and Svetlozara Doksimova.

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2 thoughts on “Figurines for table-top games and byzantine chess

  1. Yeah, the byzantine chess is definitely confusing. We play it with normal period rules for chess, but the round board makes things totally different. On one event we had a visit by the president of a local chess club and he thought the round chess would be an awesome addition when training his chess team…

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