Templar rides across Canada advocating chivalry

You couldn’t make it up – here’s the news report from CTV and you can see the entire report and TV footage HERE.  You can also follow the progress across Canada of this latter day Templar on his WEBSITE.

Vanessa Greco, CTVNews.ca

Date: Saturday Jun. 2, 2012 7:01 AM ET

Trotting past vehicles atop his faithful steed, Vincent Gabriel Kirouac looks as if he’s been ripped from the pages of a medieval history book.

Under the metal helmet and billowing robe, he’s a 22-year-old Quebec man who longs for the values of a bygone era. But to curious passersby, Kirouac introduces himself as a modern-day knight riding across Canada on horseback to promote chivalry.

“It’s really as simple as that,” the Don Quixote-esque fellow explains in a phone interview from a barn just north of Toronto.

Roughly two months ago, Kirouac and his trusty mare Coeur-de-Lion (Lionheart) left the city of Riviere-du-loup for unfamiliar stables and roads. Along the way, he’s keen to share the details of his mission with strangers.

“I’m not raising money for anything. It’s just about being good to people — trying to bring back valour and honour, devotion and generosity,” he says.

Of course, Kirouac goes about this dressed like a present-day Sir Lancelot. Except, instead of a rapier or gauntlet, he carries a horse-grooming kit and a cell phone.

The young knight-errant says he’s been saving up for his adventure for several years, and even completed an equine program in college to learn how to properly care for his mare.

From school mascots to costumed protesters, Kirouac isn’t the first to don an unusual outfit for a cause. But unlike other disguised crusaders, he says he isn’t seeking personal gain.

To Kirouac, knighthood isn’t a shtick — it’s a calling.

“This was something that was sleeping in my heart,” says Kirouac. “I just told myself, ‘If you really want to be a knight, well you’ve got to find a way to do it.’ And I found it.”

Catching up with him isn’t easy these days. The first time CTVNews.ca attempted to contact Kirouac, he was en route to a barn where he planned to comb Coeur-de-Lion.

“I’ve got to be really devoted to my mare so, in turn, she can be devoted to me,” he says, breaking down his personal philosophy of mutual love and understanding.

Fifteen minutes later, Kirouac is on the phone again with some good news. He and Coeur-de-Lion have found shelter for the evening.

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