Quest for the True Cross – medieval war!

Medieval war was grim, bloody and face-to-face. The novel Quest for the True Cross immerses you in medieval war up front and personal.

  • Find yourself in a siege engine with rocks and arrows firing down on you!
  • Storm over the battlements and hear the clash of steel and cries of anguish!
  • Stampede with your fellow crusaders through winding streets as you come under sustained attack from all directions!

Your companion in this medieval war is William de Mandeville – an English Knight Templar who must find a sacred relic stolen from the Knights Templar. You will go with him to a new kingdom called Portugal that is besieging a Muslim city called Al-Usbuna. Inside that city is the sacred relic – the True Cross.

The very wood on which Jesus Christ was crucified. From a tree grown on the grave of Adam in the Garden of Eden. It has immense power and the Templars want it back.

You and William will find it – and restore it to the Knights Templar!


by Tony McMahon

Medieval War in all its horror. William and the Knights Templar must break through the huge fortifications of Al-Usbuna if they are to succeed. But inside is a vast city. A city of Muslim warriors but also men, women and children. William needs to get the True Cross – but he also has to avoid a massacre of innocent people.

There are evil-doers on all sides. Geraldo the Fearless is a crusader with no morals who collects human heads he has severed in a blood-soaked bag. With Al-Usbuna a corrupt city governor pushes families into the front line of battle to save his own skin.

To find out what happens next – and to experience medieval war as never before – get your copy of Quest for the True Cross by Tony McMahon.

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