Did the Knights Templar take the Ark of the Covenant from Ethiopia?

Relief, Auch Cathedral, France: the Ark of the...

Relief, Auch Cathedral, France: the Ark of the Covenant.

Among many theories about the location of the Ark of the Covenant, one of the most intriguing is that it ended up in Ethiopia. There are several different theories about how the Ark got to this eastern African country including the conjecture that it was stolen in biblical times from Solomon and spirited away there.

Templars in Ethiopia looking for the Ark of the Covenant

And the Ark stayed there for centuries under the watchful eye of Ethiopia’s ancient Christian church until the Knights Templar arrived.  Now, one theory has it that the Templars attempted to steal the Ark but were foiled. However, a few years ago, the Syfy TV series Legend Quest claimed the Templars had indeed made off with the Ark.

Not before they built a church for Ethiopian Christians at Lalibella in northern Ethiopia. So grateful were the local people that they handed over the Ark in gratitude.

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Alleged evidence the Templars had the Ark

According to Legend Quest, the Templars then took the Ark to their stronghold in Siena in Italy. The “evidence” is that there’s a double headed eagle carved into the church at Lalibella and one carved into the wall of this church in Siena. Marcellus Cristofani – an Italian noble and Knight Templar grand master – says the Ark is no longer in Siena – but might be in Chartres cathedral in France. So – Legend Quest packs its bags for Chartres.

In the doorway to Chartres – they find a carving of the Ark of the Covenant. A pretty small carving, but there it is. So off we go down the nave to find more clues. The Marian veil – most revered shrine of Chartres – is contained in a reliquary that looks like…the Ark. Nearby is the famous maze inlaid into the floor of the cathedral. At its centre is a stone that appears to have once supported something or has something hidden beneath it – one or the other.

Wonder what it could be? Well, it’s obviously the Ark!

Underneath the maze – Legend Quest believes there must be a secret corridor – and lo and behold there is one (well, I think it’s secret). And there’s some stairs that lead up towards the floor directly beneath the maze. The dark tunnel tapers off but…the end is blocked. Hmmm…bummer.

But this just proves that underneath the maze the Knights Templar buried the Ark for its safekeeping and to guard its power. Possibly anticipating somebody like Hitler and the Nazis coming after it to use the Ark’s power for diabolical reasons.

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Just in case you don’t get that point – an animated cartoon re-enacts the famous final scene in Indiana Jones when the Nazis are all incinerated by the rays of the Ark after foolishly opening it.

So – what do I think of all this?  Oh c’mon – do you really have to ask?

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  7. Guys just don b fool! The Ark is wiz us in Ethiopia. Once the Templars tried to steal it but zey couldn’t. B/c it’s the will of God uhat the Ark to be wiz us. No one can take it even the Mossads!

  8. I absolutely agree with you. It’s such a patronising and insulting view of the civilisation in Ethiopia – in fact they were Christians long before much of western Europe. Must admit I watch ‘Legend Quest’ slack-jawed wondering whether the makers of this programme believe a word of it. One has to assume that they do.

  9. Yeah, like they would give the Templars the damn ark in exchange for a church. The Ethiopians were building churches when the Franks who would become the Templars were still eating the bark off trees.

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