Toledo is a city I visited in 2010 along with Segovia, Cordoba and Seville. You can do all of them and Madrid in one trip very easily. Toledo was the capital of Castile after being conquered from the Moors – the Muslim rulers of medieval Spain and Portugal, who had invaded the Iberian peninsula in 711 AD. After the Christian kingdoms of Castile, Aragon and Navarre were united to become Spain in the 1490s, the kings of the new country wanted a more central location to keep an eye on their unruly subjects so the capital moved from Toledo to Madrid. And this means that Toledo feels a bit like a city lost in time – as if it was frozen some time around 1500. The medieval flavour is very strong and I thoroughly recommend a visit. It’s also proud of its Templar heritage!

Starting Now

I took a few day trips from Madrid, and my favorite was Toledo.  I arrived quite late in the day but it didn’t disappoint. It’s easy to imagine knights on horse back riding through the narrow streets as fair ladies wave scarves.


The only attraction I ended up visiting was the cathedral, and it was worth every penny.  I walked in and began to continually strain my neck.  The ceiling soars and the faith of the people who built the cathedral is felt. Really the entire space is uplifting and to date it is my favorite cathedral.


Afterward I thought I would ramble about and found myself on a path that took me around the outside to the old city walls with spectacular views on the other.   If I ever come back I’m having a picnic on the far bank.


My final Toledo moment was walking back to the…

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