Christ being crucified – the top movie versions

In the Middle Ages, the crucifixion of Christ would have been portrayed in mystery plays put on in towns and villages but in our modern age, it’s the cinema that has brought us the most enduring images of Christ‘s death. Some immediately spring to my mind.

Mel Gibson‘s Passion of the Christ was possibly one of the most gory films I’ve ever seen on the big screen. I’ve no doubt many in the Middle Ages would have identified with its bloodiness but it wasn’t to my taste.

Equally controversial was Martin Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ that raised some interesting theological points but also angered many Christian traditionalists.

Brilliantly atmospheric is the Cecil B de Mille silent movie The King of Kings – don’t be put off by the absence of people talking.


4 thoughts on “Christ being crucified – the top movie versions

  1. “Passion of the Christ” may have been gory, yet it’s probably the most accurate in its depiction of Jesus and His final days. Crucifixion was a brutal form of execution; one that was often administered at the time. I’ve never seen “Last Temptation of Christ,” but I remember the commotion it generated. Some people I knew back then vowed not to see it; they just took for granted the reviewers were right. I wish people would watch or read things and then make their own decisions.

    1. Must admit – I had to go to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face during the crucifixion scene – though it wasn’t quite as gory as the flogging! Sunday school was never like that. 🙂

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