Did the Templars fight at the Battle of Bannockburn?


Did this king get a helping hand from the Templars?

In 1307, the Knights Templar in France were being arrested en masse and flung into prisons to be tortured till they confessed to heinous crimes like spitting on the cross and denying Christ. But, some Templars got away. It’s asserted that they fled in two directions: Portugal and Scotland.

Down in Portugal they were given royal protection and morphed into the Order of Christ – playing a leading role in the discovery of the New World. In Scotland, they teamed up with Robert the Bruce to defeat the England at the Battle of Bannockburn.

That’s according to historian Robert Ferguson who says their involvement tipped the balance in favour of the Scots. Now, not only is that a claim that raises the hackles of many Scottish nationalists but it was derided as rubbish by leading Templar historian Helen Nicholson back in 2009.

However, Ferguson is adamant that between 29 and 48 Templars were on the battlefield with the Scottish when they inflicted a historic defeat on the old enemy. Nicholson counters that the only Templars left with real fighting ability in 1307 would have been in their last stronghold of Cyprus.



5 thoughts on “Did the Templars fight at the Battle of Bannockburn?

  1. Chris Brown says:

    Robert Ferguson is not a historian and no, Templars did not fight at Bannockburn and Roslin chapel was n’t built until Edward had been dead for more than a century. Hope that’s helpful.

  2. The English King Edward having heard that the Templars had taken their treasures to Roslyn Chapel led a large well armed army to find it and was repulsed by Robert Bruce, who claimed Merovingian bloodline as did the Templars, with a large force of Templar cavalry at Bannockburn, who routed the English. The treasure was said to include the Arc of the Covenant which was later taken to Newfoundland, and there are people there to this day who call themselves Arcadians who later went to French speaking US with their Creole cooking well known to this day.
    All this information and much more about the Templar Francis Bacon can be found in the new thrilling mystery novel The Royal Secret. see http://www.theroyalsecret.info

  3. Believe me the song IS worth waiting for !

  4. Hi Tony ! Just wrote a new song for the Knights Templar movie/docu & the upcoming series on the History channel! Meeting with my producer here on August 5th to get it ready ! Its awesome ! It is telling the story ! Hope i can submit it in time !

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