History podcasts on the way – lockdown relief!

Many of my friends are going stir crazy with quarantine lockdown but we all realise this is the only way to challenge this terrible threat. Sadly, I’ve had a couple of friends in intensive care but the good news is – they pulled through and recovered from the Coronavirus.

So, we all have to make the best use of those lockdown hours at home. And finally, I’ve decided to get on with the podcasts that some of you have been asking me to do for years.

The camera equipment is bought and podcast episodes have been mapped out – some great and fun history content. What I really want is your input once we get going. It’s no fun being a lone blogger or podcaster – you need to hear the audience reaction. Even, folks, if it’s negative. Not a problem for me.

Therefore, I’m going to stop watching endless Netflix series and create something. Would you like to see where I’ll be filming from? Well – here’s a sneak peek below…

In the podcast “studio”
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