The Legend Quest – Holy Grail – Ashley Cowie

2007 $1 Washington coin reverse.
2007 $1 Washington coin reverse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Vision of the Holy Grail" (1890)
“Vision of the Holy Grail” (1890) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Roslin or Rosslyn Chapel - - 1...
Roslin or Rosslyn Chapel – – 1098119 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being aired on Syfy is the breathless series Legend Quest where ‘archaeological explorer’ Ashley Cowie charges round discovering mysteries. In the episode I’ve just watched, he fixed his gaze on the Holy Grail and the Knights Templar.

OK – let’s take his thesis from the top. The Holy Grail, he says, is the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper and then his blood was caught in it during the crucifixion and taken to England by Joseph of Arimathea. It’s not, as Dan Brown, said the bloodline of Jesus – no, it’s a real cup. The descendants of Joseph were the Knights Templar who were then suppressed by the Pope because they became too powerful. They fled to places ‘outside papal control’ including Switzerland and Scotland.

The Holy Grail, Cowie says, was taken to Scotland – Rosslyn chapel to be precise and it was looked after by the Sinclair family. Unfortunately when Cowie shows up, Rosslyn is having repairs done and he can’t get in. So he chats to a latter day Scottish Templar, an amiable old chap, who rather amusingly is subtitled! I’m assuming the view was that Americans would find Scots impossible to understand.

In 1446, Sinclair built Rosslyn and the Grail was definitely there says Cowie who has done ‘fifteen years of research’ there. Hidden in a painting of a rather dandified Templar he’s spotted a staircase that gives a clue as to where the Grail was held in the church. He leads the programme producer to the oldest part of the chapel – an eleventh century window. And Cowie has noted a carving there.

The carving, he says, is a section of a medieval map. He sees a cup sitting on top of a tower with a line representing the meridien – the Rose line – and he makes out a short horizontal line that is obviously the equator. Diamond shapes are lozenges representing the Sinclair family. And then Cowie imposes this scribble onto a map of the world and a star shape sits over north east America.

The star is known as La Merica – which was a star to lead Templars to peace and away from their enemies. The star sits over America. It’s called La Merica.  And so…guess where the Grail went. Yep – the New World. The United States.

William Brewster, a Pilgrim elder, went to Rosslyn three weeks before the Mayflower set sail in the seventeenth century. A descendant of the original Sinclair gives Brewster the Grail to take to America.

So Cowie flies off to Provincetown. He goes to investigate the Pilgrim Monument which – Cowie finds – bears a close resemblance to the carving on the eleventh century window at Rosslyn. Though the Pilgrim Monument was built in 1910 – centuries later – by Theodore Roosevelt. Aaaah – but Roosevelt was…..a Freemason!!

The Sinclairs of Rosslyn, Cowie points out, founded the Freemasons. So – Cowie believes he must investigate other Freemason structures built in the US . And he’ll get clues to the Grail. Off to Bunker Hill then to look at a big obelisk. Needless to say – it also resembles the Rosslyn carving. But stranger follows – because this obelisk is the second monument built on the site. The first monument built in 1794 – a model of which is located inside the obelisk is…a pillar with a cup on top – that looks even more like the Rosslyn carving. Cowie is aghast.

And he’s convinced that the original monument at Bunker Hill contained the Holy Grail. The more recent monument, completed in the mid-19th century doesn’t house the Holy Grail but – it’s a clue! Why isn’t it at Bunker Hill – because power shifted in the new United States. And so we leave Boston for Washington DC to gawp at the Washington Monument.

Freemason clues are all over Washington DC including the White House. But it’s the obelisk that enthralls Cowie who ‘must get inside’. He can’t get a permit to film but ‘that won’t stop him searching inside’. And he bravely enters. Without the crew. He returns and looks at ‘every stone’ and finds nothing – not a single clue. The Grail isn’t there.

But then Cowie notes something – the coloring of the stone changes half way up. The official reason that construction of the Washington Monument stopped during the American Civil War and then resumed doesn’t convince Cowie. He thinks this points to the possibility that the Grail was there. A local expert agrees. The Grail was whisked away from the capital during the war for its safety.

Clues needed. Map of Washington DC shows a direct line from the Scottish Rite Temple to the monument. Take the Freemason symbol and rotate it a bit and you hit the Capitol building. Cowie stares at the dome and hey presto – there a clue on top. A statue! A female statue! Representing freedom. Built by a freemason, Thomas Crawford. Is she pointing to the Grail?

Now – given that the obelisks in Boston and Washington are actually representations of the pillars that flanked the doors of the temple of Solomon – Cowie says we need to find the mid-point, what lurks in the doorway as it were, which turns out to be New York. And the female statue is actually pointing us at the Statue of Liberty off Manhatten. Freedom – liberty – it makes sense!

There’s a flame of enlightenment on the model of the top of the model of the original monument in Boston and this is mimicked by the torch carried by the Statue of Liberty. Trouble is – this lady was built by the French. Not a problem it turns out when you consider ‘liberte’ is freedom in French!

The original torch apparently came years before the rest of the statue was assembled – giving Freemasons time to instal the Grail within. It’s been replaced but the original is on display in the entrance lobby. Cowie has to get close. He does. Maybe they melted it down into the tip of the flame.

The ‘Grail Trail’ therefore leads us here to this new land of America. From the Templars through the Sinclairs and Brewster and into the torch of the Statue of Liberty. It’s the ‘perfect destination’ Cowie says. Melted down and now in the original torch in the lobby.

As my partner said – hard to believe the masons would have destroyed the cup held by Jesus – but if Cowie is to be believed…that’s exactly what they did.


9/11 and the Knights Templar

As we prepare to commemorate the horror of the attacks on the Twin Towers – which I went up in 2000, a year before they met their fate, there has already been the usual digging up of every hackneyed conspiracy theory you can name.   You’d find it hard to believe that anybody could implicate the Knights Templar in the events of recent years but the human imagination, particularly if it has an American radio show, can dream up marvelous nonsense.

Here is a blog about Rayelan Allan who has argued that the Templars are locked in battle with the global banks.  I’ve covered this hokum before but basically, there is evil “Faction One” made up of the Rothschilds (non-business people always think the Rothschilds run the banking world) and other bankers who are fighting Faction Two, descended from the Knights Templar (and the King of Bavaria – no, I don’t know why either!).   This blogger is taking on Allan from an equally curious point of view and I’ll leave you to read it.

Thank goodness there are people prepared to send up these conspiracy theories – at least I hope this is a spoof.  It claims that the Knights Templar are suing Al Qaeda for breach of copyright over a pen that hides a nuclear device.  Now that’s more like it.  A bit of fun as opposed to dreaming up fantasies about one of the most appalling terrorist acts of the last hundred years.

It’s Templar conspiracy time!

I haven’t flagged up any Templar conspiracies on the web for a while so here’s one.  OK – here we go!  The Templars were indulging in Kabbalistic sodomitical practices.  And they sought out a greater knowledge of the Kabbala – the Jewish mystical credo much beloved by Madonna (the singer, not the mother of Christ).  So they went on crusade, got their chain mail  hands on the Temple Mount and started digging.

Solomon was a ‘biblical magician king’ behind the Kabbala (no evidence provided in this conspiracy theory but please, continue believing).  The Templars were afraid of the muslims finding out more about the Kabbala so had to get to the Temple Mount and find the secrets first.   They tunneled under the Temple Mount and got what they wanted.  This included the Holy Grail which is not an object but a series of Kabbalistic secrets.

The Holy Grail is the secret that physical matter can be transformed through incantations of Hebrew codes.  This proves, among other things, that the planet is a living breathing conscious being.  To make this point, David Icke pops up in the video below – please refer to my earlier posts about this gentleman.  Anyway, the French knights Templar got their comeuppance for centuries of blood crusading and ‘ritualistic sodomy’ by being rounded up and tortured by the French king.  They confessed to their sexual practices and their black magic artifacts were confiscated – included dessicated heads called ‘baphomets’, through which the devil was conjured up to speak.

Some Templars escaped to Scotland and Malta.  The Maltese branch got to America before Columbus and went to Scotland as well, emerging their as Freemasons.  Organizations that can trace their roots back to the Kabbalistic Templars include the Ku Klux Klan!   One of their rituals was part-performed by Elizabeth II during her coronation in 1952.  All of which ‘proves’ that Prince William is the next King of the Kaballah.

Gosh – do people really believe this stuff.  Watch the video for yourself here:

The Grand Priory of Knights Templar in Scotland

This organisation is registered in Geneva and this is its stated aim:

“The Grand Priory of the Knights Templar in Scotland aspires to foster a cosmopolitan society in which differences among peoples, cultures, and governments will be both respected and appreciated. We seek the betterment of humanity through education, world brotherhood, chivalric principles, and civil behavior and treatment among one-another.”

I am assuming that these Templars in Croatia are part of the same organisation and I’d like to know more about how the Scottish Knights Templar operates, recruits members and achieves its aims.

HQ of the United Grand Lodge of England

Not far from where I work in central London, a large building looms running along nearly an entire street.   This imposing edifice is Freemasons’ Hall – the HQ of the United Grand Lodge of England.  Built in the 1920s, its construction meant the loss of a row of eighteenth century houses but it’s certainly a fine art deco building, listed for protection by the government.  In the immediate vicinity, are two or three pubs where I’ve often seen Freemasons having a drink – you can spot them a mile off.  And there are several regalia shops selling all the gear you need to be a mason.  I thought I’d take a few snaps today and share them with you.  As you know, many Freemasons believe their order is the continuation of the Knights Templar.  I’ve touched on this claim before and will deal with it again in other posts – but in the meantime, enjoy a few views of Freemasons Hall.

HQ of the United Grand Lodge of England - in London
Pentagram etched in to the pavement in front of the main doors
Close up of the insignia and anniversary date of the Lodge founding
The significance of the dates next to the clock
Freemason regalia shop nearby


Knights Templar as anti-Nazis

Well, if Tarzan and Donald Duck could fight the Nazis in the 1940s – then why not the Knights Templar?

Here’s a conspiracy theory I’ve found that will make the hairs on the back of your neck rise a fraction.  Hold on to your seats – here goes.   Faction One is the New World Order.  Good so far.  Faction Two is made of German and Austrian military top brass who tried to assassinate Hitler then fled when it all went wrong.

Faction Two appears to have a large Hapsburg contingent in it – the old Austrian royal family.  According to this theory, they blamed the dark forces behind Hitler for the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire earlier in the century.  These dark forces are bankers and industrialists needless to say – though I’m not quite sure why they would have wanted to bring down the Hapsburg Empire but hey ho….let’s keep going.

Faction One, if I’ve understood things correctly, ran the occult Society of Thule that controlled Hitler like a puppet.  They had run similar occult societies throughout history and through them run every empire you can mention from Rome to Egypt.  Though presumably they ran in to difficulties with the Hapsburgs because they destroyed them.

Well, it seems these Hapsburgs were members of another secret society hostile to these dark forces and have also been fighting against them for a very long time.  And guess what – the Templars are on the good side.  They are part of Faction Two – or forerunners of it.   So the Faction Two/Hapsburgs/Templars guys who failed to kill Hitler, fleed to the United States – where it turns out there are Faction One and Faction Two people over there as well.

The evil Faction One is the ‘Eastcoast Elite Establishment’ – sounds like a biker gang or a rap group.  Anyway, they are all wicked Wall Street types (I do find a whiff of anti-semitism in all this which is odd because Hitler is placed on the side of the bankers including the Rothschilds!).  Faction Two in the United States includes good upstanding military types who hate sniveling bankers and the State Department – who resettled the fleeing Hapsburgs in California.  Not surprising as even the Faction Two people in the US have Hapsburg blood (I’d like to see the evidence for that).

I got dizzy trying to work out who in the US is now part of Faction One and Faction Two.  For example, the original secret services were set up by Faction Two after WWII but then usurped by Faction One when it became the CIA.

Final note on the Templars in all of this – it seems that when the Temple was supressed, the members did not flee to Scotland, Switzerland or wherever.  No, they went to Austria.  They “infiltrated” the Austrian bloodline – I think that means they bonked the royal womenfolk in which case they would no longer be Templars – and created the Hapsburg empire.  A force for good (unless you were Serbian, Croatian, Italian and several other nationalities who didn’t enjoy Austrian rule that much).

One more thing to note with this theory – the British Royal Family is in Faction One.  Another good reason not to attend the marriage of Kate and Wills as if I needed one.

Are the Freemasons really the Knights Templar?

In essence, did the Knights Templar not die and disappear in the flames before Notre Dame – but continue to the present day within the Masonic lodges?

It’s a testament to the Freemasons that many people automatically assume that the Masons and Knights Templar have always been one and the same thing.  It’s impossible to find anything from the Middle Ages that identifies such a link.

The Templars were an order of monks who took up the sword to fight in the Holy Land (and other places) against the Saracens/Moors….basically, Islam.  The Masons – on the other hand –  were people who carved stones in to different shapes for high status buildings – particularly cathedrals and had their own guilds and restrictive practices one might associate with 20th century trades unions – say the print unions for example.

So how do these two bodies of men (mainly men) get conflated together?  As I’ve said before, there’s not much evidence that Templars were involved in any cathedral building….unless you can tell me otherwise.  And there was no obligation on the part of master masons to go off on crusade unless they voluntarily took the cross.  Masons were not bound to the Rule laid down in the main by Saint Bernard for the Templars – as the masons were not monks.

One account of how the link got made suggests that in the late seventeenth century, a chap called Chevalier Ramsay began lecturing to the Grand Lodge of France on the links between their organisation and the Templars of old.  At this time, the great fortress of the Templars in Paris was still standing – as I mentioned in another blog.  So their physical presence was still very strong in that city.  The forbidding building, used to imprison Louis XVI, jutted skywards in the Marais district.

Masons were of growing important in France at this time – they were allegedly at the forefront of the bourgeois movement that would sweep away the Bourbon Monarchy in the 1780s.   They had no reason to feel any affection for a Catholic monarchy that had oppressed France’s protestants and sceptics.  No doubt many Freemasons were ardent supporters of what we now call The Enlightenment.  But why bother forge a link with the Templars?

Well, every movement and every nation needs its creation myths.  To be more weighty and credible, how much better to show that your secret order has been around five or six hundred years longer than it actually has.  And how butch to say that your forebears were knights in shining armour fighting valiantly for the truth.

I do wonder that as the Catholic church was hostile to the Masons until recent times – and vice versa – that there was some appeal in identifying with an order of monks who fell out so badly with the pope at the beginning of the fourteenth century.  But one should note that relations with the papacy were famously cordial for most of the Templars’ existence.  Pope Eugenius III was the midwife of the Order and granted it all its privileges.

The attraction for the Freemasons must be that of the outsider – the Templars were outsiders and so are they.  And also the Templars’ alleged secret rituals – much like the Freemasons again.  Though note that much of what the Templars were supposed to do in secret was scurrilous stuff raked up during the trials of Jacques De Molay and others.  And of course the Masons disappeared – like a puff of smoke.  So where did they go?  Fleeing to Scotland, Switzerland, China or the Americas….as I’ve read.  Being effectively nationalised by the Portuguese monarchy.  Or subsumed in to the Hospitallers.

Or….they went underground and….they’re down at your local Freemason lodge!